About Me:

I started this blog site because of my passion for the great sport of hockey. As a born and raised New York Ranger fan, I grew up sitting in front of my t.v. watching the Blue Shirts do what they do best. As I moved into my college years, I realized that although I do not play hockey, I can be a part of the sport through writing and the use of a blog. You will find college hockey blogs in addition to content on the NHL teams, players of interest, and anything else related to hockey here. I hope that you find my pieces to be a little different than the usual, with content that holds a friendly banter between teams and players. However, most importantly I hope this reaches people of all ages who can read and learn things about what makes this sport so unique. With that, welcome to my blog and let’s break the ice together to grow love for the sport of hockey for everyone.

Thank you all so much!