Double Minor on MacKinnon From Collision With Chychrun

Bri Repetto

Last night during the Colorado Avalanche vs. Arizona Coyotes matchup, Nathan MacKinnon was skating to go play the puck. As he passed defensemen Jakob Chychrun, Chychrun stuck his body out to block and push away MacKinnon. However this caused both players to collide and sent MacKinnon crashing to the ice. MacKinnon ended up sliding to the boards, but he eventually got up uninjured. Chychrun did not fare so well as MacKinnon’s stick came up and hit him in the face resulting in his nose bleeding onto the ice. 

Chychrun was taken to the locker room to get help for his injury while the play was reviewed extensively. After much discussion, they called a double minor on MacKinnon for high sticking. They reviewed the play once more and let the high sticking call stand. Even though accidental, the rule is that the player needs to have absolute control over their stick, since MacKinnon did not and it resulted in another player getting high sticked to the face, it had to be called. The referees did not call the interference on Chychrun however for his role in the collision. 

Chychrun returned back to play later into the game and was fine. The Colorado Avalanche also managed to successfully kill off the four minute double minor. Game concluded with a 5-4 win for Arizona in a shootout. 

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