The Other Team Definitely Watches His Highlights

Bri Repetto

Tuning in to the UMass games, it is no surprise hearing “another goal scored by #8 Bobby Trivigno!” Hockey East was correct in naming him Player of the Month for his efforts through November and December. Trivigno tallied an impressive 4 goals, 10 assists, and 14 points all without a single penalty minute. One of the goals he scored after being taken down on a breakaway towards the empty net. Without giving up and still down on the ice, he swung his stick towards the puck, powering the puck into the net. This gave the Minutemen their fourth goal to end their game against Vermont on December 19, 4-0. I am sure #34 on Vermont was kicking himself on that one. He had the opportunity to stop Trivigno in any way possible, and it just so happened that the way he chose did nothing to inhibit Trivigno’s amazing goal scoring capability. Lesson learned for the future correct? Unfortunately not for Vermont, as the following night Trivigno came out big once more to gain three assists on the Cats and, in addition, was named the second star of the game. That being said, I don’t think Vermont is a part of the Trivigno bandwagon – or maybe they are, as they keep allowing him to get points. 

Trivigno started off his time at UMass having played 39 games raking in a total of 28 points off of 13 goals, 15 assists, and finished at +9 for the season. He was 16th in the nation in freshman scoring and fourth in Hockey East. A great example of his scoring capabilities can be seen when reflecting back to the Minutemen’s matchup against UConn on 11/30/18. During this contest, Trinvingo got his second multi-goal game of the season with one of the goals being a penalty shot. He finished that game with more than just a second star title as his penalty shot was NCAA’s #3 play of the week. Not only that, but he was named Hockey East Player of the Week, as well. 

Moving into his Sophomore year, Trivigno was one of six Minutemen to play in all 34 games, gaining an impressive 9 goals and 11 assists with a +21 finish. He was fourth on the team with his 20 points and second in plus-minus. Coming in strong for the season, he tallied two goals against Union on 10/18/19, one being a power play goal and the other-the game winner. 

This season he has proved his status as an important player on the UMass roster through not only his playmaking abilities, but his capabilities in transition, as well. Multiple times this season, he has stolen the puck right from under the opposing team and made a dash to the offensive zone to put the puck on net. Although not all of them have finished in a goal, don’t let that take away from the fact he caused a turnover so that the opposing team couldn’t create chances of their own. Many reasons why the Minutemen are able to dominate the zone and win so many games is because of players such as Trivigno who keep the puck in deep and don’t allow the other team any room. 

Like the previous spotlight blog on #31 Matt Murray, it has not been concluded yet what plans Trivigno has for his future. If I were to guess, I would say he would make a great addition to any NHL roster as he is a player who never gives up on the ice and has drive in every game he plays in.

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