Just an Unfortunate Weekend

Bri Repetto

This past weekend the Minutemen faced Boston University in another home and home matchup. Unfortunately for the Minutemen, they struggled to capitalize on their chances on net and unlucky turnovers cost them on the board. I don’t think the ten day no-game schedule was in any way beneficial for the team as before this matchup they had been on a 7 game streak. Having said that, don’t let a losing score cover the amazing plays throughout the weekend. The Minutemen had great physical games with both Oliver Chau and Ty Farmer taking down BU players left and right. This had shaken up the opposing team enough to allow pucks to be taken in deep away from the UMass zone. A big congratulations to Farmer as well for recording his first goal of the season in the first of the two matchups. Josh Lopina centers the puck from behind the net to Farmer who lifts the puck into the high slot as BU goaltender Drew Commesso looked lost in net. In addition, Carson Gicewicz adds some more points to his already impressive resume. So far this season he has a total of eight goals and four assists, and added on another two goals with one in each game! His goal in the second game was right in front of the net as the goalie was down. With quick thinking he popped the rebound right over and into the net. 

Bobby Trivigno stays strong on the ice as he continuously drives to the net, skating around players, who I swear must have their heads in the clouds, then taking the shot. I have to hand it to BU’s goaltender, because without him Trivigno would’ve had goal after goal. Jake Gaudet got his second of the season in the first of the two matchups, but unfortunately was called for a game misconduct in the second, putting him out against the Providence matchup this Friday. Definitely will be a tough spot to fill as he is our first line center. The Minutemen finished game #1 with a score of 2-4, but faired a little better in game #2 with an early lead that unfortunately was matched by BU to put them into OT. With 2:41 left in OT, David Farrance of BU put a breakaway chance under Matt Murray to give BU their game winning goal at a score of 3-4. 

This Friday and Saturday the Minutemen face Providence College back-to-back in another home-to-home matchup. To recap last season, UMass beat the Friars in back-to-back games both 3-1 and then the following night 5-1. Tune in at 3 pm this Friday to watch them do it again followed by a Saturday night matchup at 7pm! GO UMASS!

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